Crime down at British Grand Prix weekend

2014 FIA Formula One World Championship - Silvertone. NNL-140607-173805009
2014 FIA Formula One World Championship - Silvertone. NNL-140607-173805009

Police are celebrating a successful British Grand Prix weekend.

As well as the first British win at Silverstone in six years, crime rates have fallen this year at the iconic race.

Throughout the four day event, there were 580 tours of duty from Northants Police officers completing many different roles, from touring the many campsites 24 hours a day, investigating crime, patrolling the circuit, monitoring the traffic flow, working at the heliport and patrolling local villages.

Yesterday, Sunday, there were more than 220 officers on patrol, including police officers, PCSOs, specials, cadets and police staff.

Thirty-four crimes have been reported to police during the course of the weekend, from theft of tickets, thefts from tents, criminal damage, assault and drink driving.

Superintendent Richard James, who has been leading the policing operation at the event, said: “I’m really pleased with how we have been able to work with partners to deliver a successful weekend for visitors to the Grand Prix.

“This is a major operation for Northants Police which takes the best part of a year to plan in order to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible.

“This year we have benefitted from the fantastic support of the special constabulary which has been involved in all aspects of policing and I have to thank those people who have given up their spare time to assist us.

“Last year we had a total of 75 crimes committed during the weekend so I’m really pleased with where we are at this point on Sunday evening.

“I would like to thank the public for their support during the weekend and hope they’ve enjoyed their time at a successful event.”