Crime drop at campsite during British Grand Prix

There was British success on and off the track
There was British success on and off the track

Police have reported a drop in crime at a major campsite during the British Grand Prix.

The four-day Silverstone event was marshalled by Northants Police officers with Thames Valley Police supporting security for the Woodlands campsite.

Thames Valley Police officers have reported a drop of 42 crimes from 58 in 2013 to just 16 this year.

Of the 16 incidents reported by Thames Valley Police, two were cautions for possessing cannabis, five were thefts including three from unattended bags, eight were criminal damage offences and there was one burglary from a non-dwelling.

Counter terrorist dogs assisted with sweep checks within the pits and paddocks areas at the circuit to identify any suspicious items or packages.

Inspector Percival, of Thames Valley Police tactical operations, said: “The operation was very successful.

“The Silverstone circuit this year has been the largest event for many years, but despite this the levels of crime are down and have reduced significantly.

“Northants Police were the lead force for this event with Thames Valley Police supporting them as the circuit lies on the border between both forces.

“We developed a good working relationship with the Silverstone circuit and campsite management through the entire weekend to assist with policing the event and ensured everything ran smoothly.”

Last week Northants Police reported a drop from 75 crimes in 2013 to just 34 in 2014.