Allotments vandals branded mindless


ALLOTMENT holders in Brackley have said they are sick and tried of their plots being vandalised after a second attack in a month.

On Friday, June 17 the Advertiser reported an attack on the Egerton House allotments near St Peter’s Church.

Sometime between the last allotment holder leaving on Sunday, July 17 and Monday afternoon they were attacked again.

In the most recent attack three plots were targeted, including the one cultivated by Sue Warren, secretary of the Brackley Allotment Association.

She said: “Onions were pulled up, lettuces and leeks trampled and the tops cut off my gladiolus.”

“This mindless destruction forced me to lift and take my onions home, at least three weeks earlier than usual.

“We are getting fed up with the antics of those attacking the allotments it is costing us time, effort and money.”

Sergeant Tim Pearson of Brackley police station said his officers would be patrolling the area and added: “Obviously this is a nasty thing for people to do. It is a criminal offence which carries a potential prison sentence.

“It might seem a bit of a laugh to someone heading back from the pub but to the people in the allotments it has a big impact.

“We will take a very dim view on anyone who we catch doing this.”

Witness should call police on 03000 111222 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.