Anger over green fingered thieves

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WARNING notices have been put up around allotments in Brackley after produce from five plots were stolen.

Sometime between the morning of Sunday, June 12 and around midday Monday, June 13 the plots at the Edgerton House allotments were attacked.

Many of the vegetables were left discarded, but fruit such as gooseberries and strawberries were taken away.

Sue Warren, secretary and treasurer of the Brackley Allotment Association said: “Five or so of our plots at the Edgerton House allotments have been subject to a certain amount of theft.

”Onions, patatoes, carrots, gooseberries and strawberries have been taken.

“It doesn’t seem to be kids because they’ve not thrown stuff around, but they couldn’t have know much about gardening because everything they took was immature. It has happened before, but after some publicity it stops.

Mrs Warren added: “When it happened before you could almost tell what these people were eating.

“If it happens at the end of the week it tends to be potatoes and vegetables you might have with a roast dinner, then two or three days later its salad stuff. On this occasion nothing on my plot was taken, but it still makes me very angry.

“It is a waste of peoples’ time, effort and money.

“And also you look forward to getting a decent crop, and then someone comes along and digs up stuff that’s not ripe.

“It’s a total waste and makes you wonder whether its worth while.”

Allotment holder Gordon Freestone said: It is annoying. In my particular case they just pulled stuff out of the ground and left it there instead of taking it away and doing something useful with it like cooking and eating it.

“A lot of stuff was still young. Mine were onion, shallots and baby carrots, the stuff actually taken away was mainly fruit,”

Mrs Warren urged any witnesses or allotment holders who are victims of theft to report it to the police.

Geoffrey Nuelle, allotment holder and Brackley Town Councillor said he had been lucky so far this year, but last year he lost his entire crop of strawberries over night.

He said: “I know several people actually lost plants.

“It might not be a serious problem, but when you get an allotment and people start stealing it is disappointing because we put a lot of effort in to it.”

A spokesman for Northants Police confirmed they had received a report of vegetables being stolen.

Witnesses and victims are being to contact them on 03000 111222. Alternatively people can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.