Bad driving campaign aimed at white van man and taxi drivers

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THE district council has teamed up with police for a six week campaign against poor driving standards.

The operation by South Northants Council Northants Police and other local authorities is in direct response to complaints about bad driving displayed by taxi drivers and works van drivers.

The campaign will focus on the use of vehicles but officers will carry out additional checks to make sure vehicles are properly licensed.

Sergeant Bob French, who is coordinating the operation said he was looking forward to making the roads safe and that drink or drug driving, mobile phone use, speeding and not wearing a seat are four main reasons for accidents in the UK.

He added: “Those who drive for the living may become complacent about road safety and be tempted not to wear a seat belt for a short journey, or make a quick call. By ignoring the law they put themselves and other drivers at risk which is why this campaign is so important.”