Brackley news: Anti-social behaviour falls by one third

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THE most senior police officer in Brackley is reporting a significant drop in the number of crimes related to anti-social behaviour.

Sgt Tim Pearson said figures show that between January and December 2010 there were 34 per cent fewer reports of crimes involving anti-social behaviour compared to same period in the previous year.

Mr Pearson said the 34 per cent drop was on top of a five per cent fall in the year before that and added: “Obviously we have always tried to deal with anti-social behaviour pro-actively and we have an anti-social behaviour unit which we refer people to.

“So there are ways to intervene and help these people and point them in the right direction.

“Sometimes, if they need it there a counsellors to help them with drug an alcohol addiction, but at the end of the day if they don’t cooperate with these things there’s stronger alternative such as acceptable behaviour orders and anti-social behaviour orders.

“But there are no situations in Brackley which were bad enough to reach the ASBO stage.

“Usually what these kids need are just a few words of advice. Parents can get help as well so they can steer their youngsters in the right direction.”

The 34 per cent drop equates to a fall from 671 reports of anti-social behaviour between January and December 2009, to 444 reports during 2010.

Incidents involving shouting, swearing and littering fell from 245 to 123 while incidents involving alcohol fell from 69 down to 23.

After an initial flurry of calls Mr Pearson said reports of anti-social behaviour around the Humphries Drive play area had fallen off and added: “It was bad for a while but since then it has stopped, we’ve had very few calls if any.

“These are very healthy figures and Brackley is a very safe part of the country to live in.”

Kevin Dixon of Brackley Town Council said: “I think slowly we are getting there, and slowly we are providing things for kids to do rather than smashing up bus shelters. But it will never go way, there are always one of two rotten apples that will cause issues.

“But the situation at the moment is pleasant which is the right way to be.”

Mr Dixon praised the hard work of the police and recognised the role of schools in curbing bad behaviour