Council to spend £1000 on care home legal advice

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Buckingham Town Council have elected to spend £1000 pursuing legal advice to back up their objections to a new care home.

Councillors rejected calls to spend £40,000, which was deemed to be too expensive, but voted 9 to 3 to seek additional advice at a lesser cost.

Plans for a 61-bed and 14 apartment facility, to be built on the land behind 13 High Street, were submitted to AVDC on September 9 but go against the stipulations of the town’s neighbourhood plan, which recognises the land is prone to flooding.

The existing plan allocates a large proportion of land in the town centre to parking and, according to a report prepared by the clerk, should “accommodate a seating and picnic area and an extension to the existing riverside walk.”

Despite these requirements, District Councillors have progressed the planning application to the next stage.

Objections by the town council were recorded in a committee report on June 26. It states: “The site was not allocated for housing in the Neighbourhood Plan as the preferred use is for an extension to the car park with permeable surfacing an open space adjacent the river.”

“Although the town centre location is suitable for a care home, the site is located in the floodplain,”

Cllr Stuchbury said: “When the care home floods the people will ask ‘how did you let this pass?’”