Fines double after camera comeback

Speed camera in Launton Road,Bicester.'100728M-D502
Speed camera in Launton Road,Bicester.'100728M-D502
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SPEEDING fines more than doubled after Oxfordshire’s roadside cameras were switched back on this year, a law firm said last week.

Speed cameras were turned off across the county between September last year and the end of March this year. Since the beginning of April, almost 11,000 fixed penalty fines have been issued, more than twice the number in the same period last year, law firm Blake Lapthorn says.

“Although the police themselves accept that it is difficult to show a causal link between the cameras being turned back on and the number of fixed penalty notices being issued going up, the link seems obvious,” said a Blake Lapthorn spokesman.

Thames Valley Police figures show 4,962 fines were issued this April, compared to 1,976 last April.

Road charity Brake warned of the dangers of switching off Oxfordshire’s speed cameras.

“In this short space of time, police in Oxfordshire have seen the detrimental and very significant effect of turning off cameras on road safety,” said Brake campaigns director Julie Townsend.

She said it was outrageous speed cameras were still being switched off in other parts of the country.

“Local authorities have been put in a difficult position by Government cuts to road safety funding, but we urge them to do everything they can to keep cameras running, putting the safety of local residents first,” she added.