Have you seen £6,000 movie carriage?

The Devils Horseman carriage missing
The Devils Horseman carriage missing

A £6,000 carriage built in the 19th century which has featured in several films has been stolen.

Thieves took the wooden flat-bed carriage along with six extra wheels, from The Devil’s Horsemen in Mursley.

Gerard Naprous, who runs the stunt team centre, was shocked to discover that the carriage had been taken when he arrived on Monday morning.

He said: “I thought there’s something missing and then realised, oh god, it’s a carriage. I found the tracks in the field.

“It has great sentimental value and is one of our most commercial carriages.”

The items were taken some time between 7.30pm on Sunday and 8am on Monday.

A photo of the carriage was posted by The Devil’s Horsemen Facebook page and it has since been shared more than 2,400 times, all over the UK.

Police are appealing for witnesses so anyone with information is asked to call 101.