Have you seen Herbie? 6ft skeleton stolen in Buckingham

Herbie meant a lot to Remy, and she hopes he will be returned
Herbie meant a lot to Remy, and she hopes he will be returned

Herbie has been hanging out in Remi Copas’ garden in Castle Court for close to eight years.

He’s been a friend of the family from the get-go, seeing Remi off to work everyday and welcoming her young granddaughter whenever she comes to visit.

He was stolen on a quiet Sunday night (February 4) sometime after 8pm.

Herbie is a 6ft, jet-black, crystal-eyed, and artificial, skeleton. Remi explained: “He’s been hanging there all that time, somewhere between six and eight years, and I’m just really upset that he’s just gone.”

“Herbie had been tied to his spot with string and then cable-tied, so it would have taken a lot of effort to get him down and can’t have just been the victim of a prank or someone walking past and wanting to just take him.”

Because Herbie has been in the family for so long, Remi cannot recall where she originally purchased him.

She added: “I know it's only a skeleton, and I know it’s not halloween, but Herbie was part of the courtyard and it’s such a shame to not have him around.

“We would dress him up for special occasions, and everyone would see him, children would visit to see him all dressed up.

“We’re just upset by it all, and really hope they somewhere will find him, or be willing to bring him back.”

The incident has been reported to the police and a crime number of 43180037646 has been issued.

The Buckingham and Winslow Advertiser would love to reunite Herbie and Remi. Have you seen him? If you have any information please get in touch, email ryan.watts@jpress.co.uk. If you’d like to bring Herbie back home, please contact us and we can arrange his safe return.