Horse owners warned to beef up security

Example of freezemarking horses from Horsewatch
Example of freezemarking horses from Horsewatch

HORSE owners are being warned to take extra precautions as rumours circulate that animals are being tampered with in preparation to them being stolen.

Northants Police issued the warning after they received reports of horse manes being plaited or horses being marked while they are out to grass.

Claire Salmon, wildlife and countryside liaison officer for Northants Police said there was speculation that horse were being tampered with in preparation for them being stolen but said it was unclear whether the reports were the result of criminal activity. She added: “The cause of the plaits or tangles remains speculative and I am unable to confirm or discredit these reports, however I would suggest all horse owners in the county to take extra precautions.”

Horse owner are being advise to; report suspicious plait or marks, review security and access to fields and stables, to block off disused gateways and consider fitting lighting; to security mark animals and to join Northants Horsewatch or community messaging services to find out about reports of equestrian crime in the area.

Join up to Horsewatch at or contact Northants Police on 08000 111222.