Hunt for three men who burgled house in Buckingham on two consecutive days

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Police are hunting a group of men who broke into the same house in Buckingham on two successive days.

The first incident happened around 7.30pm on Thursday June 29 and the second at around 9pm on Friday June 30 at a home in Waine Close.

The victims left their home around 11am to go to work, leaving windows and doors locked with the alarm set.

At around 7.30pm ton the Thursday they received a phone call from a neighbour advising that their alarm had gone off.

On arrival they discovered thieves had broken in through a rear ground floor window and searched the dining room.

Thieves left with large amounts of cash via the same window after activating the alarm.

The following evening at around 9pm the alarm was activated again whilst the victims were at work.

A neighbour reacted to the alarm and saw a man walking from the victim’s house down the road.

They called out and the man ran.

A further two men ran from the victim’s house in the same direction, one carrying a small drawer under his left arm.

The neighbour spotted a grey Audi, which he did not recognise parked opposite and it drove off - the registration number began AP08.

The victims discovered entry had been gained via a different rear ground floor window and a messy search of the master bedroom had been made, resulting in jewellery being stolen.

The first suspect is a man with a short or medium build, wearing a dark hat and dark clothing with a scarf pulled over the lower part of the face.

The second suspect, who was carrying a small drawer, is a white, tall male who was wearing a beige coloured peaked cap with a beige hoody and light coloured skinny jeans.

He also had his face covered by a black scarf.

The third suspect was also male and wearing dark clothing but he was shorter than the second offender.

Investigating officer Det Con Carolyn Bailey said: “The victims involved are repeat victims in a burglary, as this happened on two consecutive evenings.

“We are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed either of the incidents or recognises the description of any of the offenders to contact the Thames Valley Police enquiry centre on 101.”