Indecent exposure in Bicester

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POLICE are hunting a man who exposed himself to a mother and two young children in Bicester on Tuesday.

Between 3.30pm and 3.50pm, the 41-year-old woman was with her children by the swings in the play park in Manston Park, Manston Close, Glory Farm.

A man approached from behind the slide and sat on the bench next to the swings.

As the woman pushed her children on the swings she noticed that every time she looked behind her the man was staring at them and maintaining eye contact with her.

The woman challenged the man and asked him if he knew her, and the man said no.

A few minutes passed, and the next time the victim looked at the offender he had his left hand down the front of his trousers while staring at the woman and smiling.

The woman and her children moved away from the man, approached two passers-by and called the police. The man walked off into Manston Close.

He was skinny, white, and aged between 18 and 25 years old. He was over 6ft tall, with light blond or ginger hair.

He wore a black beanie hat, pale trainers, dark jeans and a dark jacket.

His underwear was described as pale blue and yellow.

The man also carried a large black and white golfing umbrella.

It is thought he may have been in the park between 1pm and 4pm.

Anyone with any information should contact PC David Cross via the 24-hour Thames Valley Police Enquiry Line on 101.