Jogging your memory about running safely

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NEIGHBOURHOOD PCSO Wendy Taylor has put out a warning to joggers on country roads who wear headphones.

Longer days and slightly better weather have brought more joggers out on to our country lanes.

And PCSO Taylor has received reports from motorists of near-misses with joggers who are so absorbed in listening to music on their iPods that they fail to pay attention to the oncoming traffic.

She said: “I would always recommend that joggers, and pedestrians in general should avoid using busy main roads if at all possible. But if they have to use the roads, it makes sense to face the oncoming traffic so they can take avoiding action by mounting the verge if necessary.

“I would also advise against wearing headphones, which can distract them from the dangers of the traffic, and also strongly advise the wearing of high-visibility clothing in order to be seen as early as possible by motorists, who may need to take avoiding action.”