Jurors in Maids Moreton murder case sent home on Tuesday due to heat

Oxford Crown Court
Oxford Crown Court

Deliberations in the Maids Moreton murder case were reportedly halted yesterday (Tuesday) due to the extremely hot temperatures.

Jurors were sent home during the afternoon due to the heat, exacerbated by ongoing problems with the air conditioning units at the court.

The BBC reported that the judge in the case Mr Justice Sweeney told jurors: "It is clearly not appropriate for you to continue to deliberate in the conditions you describe and therefore I am inviting you to stop deliberating for the day."

Local media have reported that the air conditioning units at Oxford Crown Court have been broken for 'several weeks', fans have been used during court proceedings and judges and barristers have been sitting without wearing wigs.

A room has been found for the jurors with functioning air conditioning, and deliberations resumed today (Wednesday).

Jurors are trying to reach a verdict in the trial of Ben Field, Martyn Smith and Tom Field.

Ben Field and Martyn Smith are charged with the murder of Peter Farquhar.

Ben Field is charged with the attempted murder of Ann Moore-Martin.

Martyn Smith and Ben Field are charged with multiple counts of fraud and Tom Field is charged with one count of fraud.