Operation Tipple aims to tackle tipsy drivers

MLFP breathalyser pic
MLFP breathalyser pic

OFFICERS from Bicester’s roads policing headquarters will be stopping drivers as part of this year’s Christmas drink-drive crackdown, which began on Thursday last week.

More than 1,760 people were breathalysed in Oxfordshire last Christmas, with 64 being found over the legal limit.

Inspector Colin Clark, who is leading Operation Tipple for Thames Valley Police, said: “We will target all drivers suspected of drink driving or being influenced by drugs.

“This will be carried out by holding dedicated road checks, testing all drivers involved in collisions, and testing anyone who has committed a traffic offence or is suspected of drug driving.

He added: “We will also act on information from the public, targeting those areas or drivers where there is a problem. More officers are now trained to test for drug use at the roadside, so we are well equipped to deal with all drivers that come our way.”

Berkshire was found to have the highest proportion of drink-drivers in last year’s Thames Valley crackdown, with 120 of the 1,107 drivers tested being found over the legal limit.

In Buckinghamshire, 77 of the 2,281 drivers tested were found to be over the legal limit.

Drivers who give positive breath tests, or refuse or fail to provide a sample, face losing their licence for at least a year. They could also go to prison for six months or pay a fine of up to £5,000, police warn.

Members of the public who see a drink-driver are advised to dial 999.