Parrot stolen from home near Buckingham ‘would have put up a good fight’

Heartbroken woman’s plea after beloved bird bundled into laundry basket

Saturday, 19th June 2021, 12:37 pm
Updated Saturday, 19th June 2021, 12:38 pm
Sky was bundled away in a laundry basket
Sky was bundled away in a laundry basket

A devastated parrot owner is offering a ‘substantial’ reward after burglars raided her home yesterday and took her beloved bird away in a laundry basket.

Sarah White said Sky “would have put up a good fight - she is not to be messed with!”

The parrot was taken at approximately 2.15pm on Friday when Sarah’s home in the hamlet of Tusmore, near RAF Croughton, was broken into. The villains also took jewellery.

Sarah said: “She hates men! Only likes me. We think she was bundled into a laundry basket and taken. No food or drink. I’m absolutely devastated.

“I just want her back safe and sound. She makes very distinctive noises: she says, ‘come on’ all the time. She says her name, sings ‘do do do’ and makes kissing noises.

“I’m offering a substantial reward. I hope whoever has got her has lost all their fingers from her biting them and didn’t get any sleep last night.

“I won’t rest until I have her back. She plucks her feathers around her neck and is 20 years old. She can’t fly very well and walks everywhere. Please help me find her.

“The people who stole her are professional - they took no electricals, went straight for the bedroom and jewellery, and knew exactly what they were doing.

“The problem I have is they might sell her to their friends within their own circle.”