Pizza place apologises for poor parking on busy corner

A takeaway pizza chain has apologised to the town and promised not to park delivery vans outside their shop.

Domino’s, whose Buckingham franchise is located on Bridge Street, issued the statement after residents, councillors and the mayor responded to dangerous parking which blocked a zebra crossing and caused visibility issues around a busy corner.

Joshua Speers, a Domino’s spokesperson, commented: “Our people are expected to drive and park responsibly at all times in accordance with Domino’s safe driving policy.

“The driver and his colleagues have been reminded that they must adhere to UK highway law at all times. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Concerned councillors took to social media to demand an explanation for delivery parking described as “unsafe and inconsiderate.”

The Mayor, Jon Harvey, has called for staff at the Buckingham branch to take responsibility for customer parking.

He said: “Dominos UK have a corporate responsibility to keep their customers, neighbours & employees safe. All their working arrangements should be legal.”

“I look forward to seeing our Buckingham branch make sure that the zebra crossing on its doorstep is never obstructed by either delivery staff or customers. In my view, customers who have parked illegally and/or dangerously outside should not be served.”

Domino’s opened in the town last year, following debate with residents over issues such as an increased demand for parking.

Although initially denied planning by AVDC, the store’s opening went ahead after an appeal.

The high street fast food chain protested, stating that parking surveys indicated there is ‘sufficient capacity to accommodate any demand for parking’.