Police reassure parents after car incidents

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GRENDON UNDERWOOD: Police have moved to reassure parents in Grendon Underwood and Twyford after six reported incidents of a driver stopping to speak to schoolchildren over the last three weeks.

Two incidents involving a silver car approaching teenagers in Grendon Underwood were reported in October, with several other similar incidents reported over the last week.

The latest incident was in Twyford on Tuesday night, when a girl was reportedly asked to get into a vehicle. A total of six similar incidents have been reported to police.

Although Thames Valley Police says it is taking the reports seriously, it says it cannot link the incidents as vehicle and driver descriptions vary widely.

Police say at no time was any attempt made to grab a child, but are advising parents to ensure they know where their children are.

Extra patrols are talking place in the villages, and Thames Valley Police says it is working with local schools. Parents are also asked to reinforce messages about not speaking to strangers.