Police urge the public to be wary of opportunistic thieves over the summer

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Police are warning homeowners to be wary of leaving doors and windows open during the summer months.

During the spring and summer time around 25% of burglaries occur when criminals get in through an unlocked front door whilst residents are in their back garden, get in through closed, but unlocked doors overnight or get in through an open window and steal easily accessible property.

This could be by actually climbing in through the window, or just reaching in and grabbing items near the window.

Police are urging residents to be vigilant and consider the following crime prevention advice:

Do not leave doors or windows open or unlocked, whilst you are gardening, or in a different part of your home.

Keep valuables out of reach of open windows and make sure car keys, handbags, mobile phones and wallets etc are kept out of view.

Make sure that garden tools are put away – these can be used by burglars to break into your house.

Make sure sheds, outbuildings and garages are secured with a good quality lock and consider purchasing a shed alarm

If you are going away ask a trusted neighbour to check on your house, open and close curtains and bring your wheelie bin in after collection. Can they park a car on your drive and have you used a light on a timer switch?

Check around your house when you go to bed to make sure all your windows and doors are shut and locked – it’s easy for another family member to open a window and then forget to close it when they leave the room.

Lock and alarm your vehicle when unattended and don’t leave valuables in it.

Police are also urging the public to report anything suspicious, at the time it is happening, making a note of what they look like, what clothes they are wearing and if they are on foot, which direction they are going in.

If they have a vehicle try to see what make, model and colour it is and most importantly note down the registration number.

Either contact the police on the 24 hour police enquiry centre number 101, or if you suspect a crime is happening dial on 999.