Police warning after purses are stolen in town

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POLICE officers in Buckingham are warning people to take care of their purses or wallets following a spate of thefts in town.

On March 24, two thefts were reported from a local junior school and on March 26, a further incident was reported at Waitrose.

Police are linking the crimes as they were carried out in a similar way.

On each occasion, the offender attempted to gain the PINs to stolen cards by ringing the victims after the theft and pretending to be from their bank.

The thief asked what appeared to be genuine questions in relation to the account details and on at least one occasion gained the information they needed to steal more money from the victim.

Police are warning that under no circumstances should account details and PINs be shared over the telephone as genuine banks do not ask their customers those type of questions.

Buckingham Inspector, Emma Garside, said: “It is unusual to receive three such similar reports in just two days.

“I’d ask people to take extra care of their purses and wallets when shopping ensuring that bags are shut and items not left on display.

“If you notice someone brush past you in an unusual way be extra vigilant about what they may be doing. If you do discover a theft immediately cancel all your bank cards and report the incident to the police.

“Never give out personal bank details over the phone no matter who the person at the other end of the line says they are.”

The incidents are being investigated by PC Alex Bell from the Buckingham neighbourhood team.

Anyone with information on the incidents is asked to contact PC Bell on 08458 505505.