Repeat crime drops under new scheme

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A programme to manage offenders who commit the most crime and cause the most harm to the community has cut repeat offending and saved hundreds of thousands of pounds in the first six months of this year.

The Integrated Offender Management (IOM) programme is used by Thames Valley Police and Thames Valley Probation Trust to tackle the small number of persistent offenders who cause a disproportionate amount of crime.

This includes supporting the probation service and other agencies in securing housing, employment or help with drug and alcohol addiction.

All IOM offenders are closely monitored and, if they do not take the support offered and begin to reoffend, they will be arrested, and put back into custody.

Thames Valley IOM are currently managing 312 individuals, and figures show these individuals were arrested 41 per cent less than during the same period last year.

The cost of the crimes committed by this group has fallen by £362,996 from the same period last year.

Each individual is assessed and an intensive management programme put in place with the aim of stopping their offending by helping them to change their lifestyle away from crime.

Statutory and voluntary agencies will work together to address the problems linked with offending behaviour, including accommodation, education, training and employment, drug and alcohol abuse, benefit and debt, attitudes and behaviour.

For example, when someone leaves prison but does not have anywhere to live, they may stay with associates with whom they used to commit crime and will be more likely to reoffend.

Helping them with accommodation will help to reduce that risk.

With regard to education, providing individuals with skills and some basic equipment will help them to find employment.