Teen schoolboy stabbed to death with broken golf club was ‘a case of mistaken ID’

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SCHOOLBOY Adil Basharat who was stabbed to death with a broken golf club outside his school was the victim of mistaken identity, a jury heard.

The 16-year-old was set upon by four men in a revenge attack outside Kingsbrook School in Deanshanger in November.

Northampton Crown Court heard yesterday how he and two friends were attacked by a gang at 11.10am on Friday, November 19, with a golf club, a screwdriver, and a metal bar, and crutches. But the golf club broke and the sharp end was thrust into his pelvis, severing a main artery.

The schoolboy from Milton Keynes, died two days later in hospital.

Adam Moore, of Cosgrove, Freddy Wilson, of Deanshanger, and Daniel Anderson, of Stony Stratford, all aged 20, and Jake Batten, aged 22, also of Deanshanger, deny murdering him on November 21. They are also accuse of violent disorder, by attacking Adil’s friends who tried to intervene.

Moore is also charged with Billy Billingham, aged 19, of Bradville, Milton Keynes, of conspiring to cause grievous bodily harm between October 1 and November 19. It is alleged Billingham orchestrated the attack as revenge for a drugs robbery a few weeks before, but the gang set upon the wrong person.

Benjamin Aina QC, prosecuting, said Adil was targeted in error as he had the same first name as one of the two men who had robbed Billingham.

Adil and two friends, who cannot be named due to their ages, were captured by CCTV cameras during the morning break on a grass verge outside the school.

He said: “They were socialising with other school friends. It was broad daylight, a public place. There were many children assembled having a cigarette.

“While that was happening the group of schoolchildren were approached by four of the defendants: Adam Moore, Jake Batten, Daniel Anderson and Freddy Wilson.

“Some of these men had their faces covered with clothing. The four men, the Crown say, attacked three of these schoolchildren with weapons which included a golf club, walking crutches, a screwdriver, a metal bar. They also attacked the schoolchildren with their fists and with their feet.

“During the attack the golf club handle broke and the sharp end of the golf club was thrust into the pelvis of Adil Basharat.

“That action cause the main artery to be severed and sadly Adil was pronounced dead on the Sunday, November 21.

“It is the prosecution’s case that Billingham was responsible for orchestrating the attack as a revenge attack, because some drugs had been stolen from him a few weeks before the attack.

“In fact, ladies and gentlemen, this is a case, sadly, of mistaken identity.

“The attack on the schoolboy who died was in fact a complete mistake. He was the wrong victim.”