Welcome to a night of violence and mayhem

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DO you think you know what goes on in town on a Saturday night?

The reality of a night shift in Buckingham certainly came as a shock to Insp Emma Garside, who has written a first-hand account of the experience.

Amongst other incidents, the night of fights and drunken chaos in Buckingham town centre saw one man in hospital with head injuries and a 19-year-old woman headbutted.

But for Insp Garside the abiding image was one of young women with laddered tights staggering around drunk and being sick in the gutter.

Insp Garside said the problem was not one of under-age drinking, but alcohol played a major part in the drunk and disorderly behaviour she witnessed.

By 1.30am, most of Insp Garside’s staff were either at hospital with injured people or in custody dealing with prisoners. Officers who were due to go off duty at 2am were unable to go home. Among them was PC Richard Davis, who finally finished his shift at about 3.45am – and still had to get up on Sunday morning to coach his son’s U13 rugby team.

PC Davis said: “It was a very busy Saturday night – busier than we would normally expect but not the busiest I’ve ever had. It’s nice when the bosses can see how busy we can be.”

A middle-aged man was taken to hospital with head injuries following an incident outside Roosters take-away on the High Street.

When the officers were called over, they found him on the pavement, bleeding heavily.

They had to attend to the man, who was drifting in and out of consciousness, as well as dealing with a restless crowd.

Police used Captor spray to temporarily disable a man in his mid-20s who was subsequently arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and is now on police bail.

Insp Garside said: “I am concerned that a number of people appear to be drinking to excess, either making themselves vulnerable to crime or perhaps ending up doing something they otherwise wouldn’t have got involved in.”