Day of motorsport fun for Beachborough girls

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Girls from Beachborough School took part in a Dare to be Different event at Daytona Milton Keynes on Wednesday, aimed at inspiring female talent in male-dominated professions.

Claire Williams, the deputy team principal of the Williams Formula 1 racing team was the main ambassador, along with an F1 engineer, awind tunnel technician, and successful young female drivers.

Beachborough was one of 10 schools who were each invited to bring 10 girls aged eight and 11 to take part in a variety of sessions. Led by their head of science, Ruth Tuthill, the girls started their day looking at the Williams F1 team car from 2013.

The pit stop challenge brought out their competitive spirit, and they collaborated well as a team and changed the tyres in an impressive 17 seconds.

Constructing and riding on a hovercraft was the next task. The group split into a design team and an engineering team to complete the challenge – winning them the Collaboration Prize.

A sports psychology session focused on how to be confident in sport and life, and Beachborough’s Emily came third overall in the reaction test with 26 hits in 30 seconds.

Driving karts was a highlight for all the girls, and the day finished with preparing and presenting a news report following a race with the Sky News academy.

Mrs Tuthill said: “All the girls have been inspired by the world of motorsport and have been given an insight into all the different parts that they could become involved with in the future.”