Deadline for postal and proxy voting

TIME is running out for those who would like their voices heard but can not get to the polling station during the May 5 local election.

The deadline for postal votes is 5pm on Thursday, April 14. Anyone can vote by post without having to give a reason, ranging from people who are travelling abroad, to those with mobility problems, or someone who does not want to go to a polling station to vote.

Postal voters will be provided with a Freepost envelope and can send their vote free of charge from anywhere in the UK. Once a postal vote has been filled out it must be received by Election Day.

SNC is asking residents to return their postal votes as soon as they can so they can be processed in time for election night. If a postal vote is received after Election Day it will not be counted.

The deadline for proxy votes, where a trusted person casts a vote for someone else, is 5pm on Thursday, April 21. Applications for postal and proxy votes can be downloaded via or by calling 01327 322128.