Debut release for new artist dubbed as ‘Lauryn Hill meets Jimi Hendrix’

Scarlet Baxter
Scarlet Baxter

A pop star in the making is hoping to make waves in the industry after her first single was released today, Monday.

Scarlet Baxter’s track Backsliding is now available on iTunes and Amazon and having already worked with producers who helped Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, she is hoping to be signed in the next few years.

Her YouTube video has already had more than 23,000 hits and one of the UK’s top dance duos SuperStylers have remixed the song to be heard in clubs across the country.

The 23-year-old – whose real name is Hannah – is a former pupil at Magdelen College School in Brackley and her mum and dad still live in the town.

In fact, the video for the single was filmed at their Edgewood home which includes a happy couple jumping into a swimming pool before a ‘backsliding’ breakup.

Scarlet said the couple, who meet through a Tinder-style dating app in the video, are actually friends from Mountview Academy in London where she did her training and the mystery blonde girl is one of her closest friends from school, Chloe Lovett.

“I like to write my songs based on experiences but this one actually isn’t,” Scarlet said. “I wanted it to be something that people could relate to though and I’ve had a lot of messages from as far as America saying ‘I came across your single’ and people have really taken to it.

“It’s been amazing. And to have the single out is really exciting.”

She said the name change was encouraged during her training to differentiate herself and stand out from the crowd which she hopes she can do in an industry which is tough to break into.

“You’ve got to get out there and you can be recognised,” Scarlet said. “But it takes a lot of hard work and patience.

“Some people give up but I’d say only go for it if your heart is completely in it.

“It can take five years or more so you’ve got to keep going until the right doors will open. Don’t think it has to happen tomorrow – because it won’t.”

Scarlet co-wrote the song which she describes as a ‘1990s RnB reform’ in Glasgow where she is returning soon to pen another EP.

But before then she is looking forward to promoting the track through interviews with radio stations and music bloggers and performing at Proud in Camden Town on Wednesday night.

Watch the music video for Scarlet’s new single Backsliding here