Demand for debate on SNC office move

South Northamptonshire Council offices in Springfields,Towcester.'100119M-B191
South Northamptonshire Council offices in Springfields,Towcester.'100119M-B191

THERE were fresh demands for an open and frank discussion on the future location of South Northants Council this week after a decision to delay a briefing meeting.

SNC councillors had expected to be briefed on the tendering process for the Moat Lane redevelopment project this week.

While there is popular support for the re-development the plan attracted controversy last year when SNC announced it hoped to replace its 26-year-old office building in Springfields with a new home in the centre of the Moat Lane project. The council has argued that with the sale of the existing land the project will not cost the tax payer.

Liberal Democrat members of SNC this week said they are expecting the project to be pushed through by the Conservative majority and that the delayed briefing was a sign the financial case needed more work. Their suspicions that a decision has been made heightened after commments made at a Full Council meeting on June 22.

Lib Dem Martn Johns said Tory cabinet member Ian McCord said an over spend in relation to Moat Lane would be more than compensated by the developer of Springfields.

Mr Johns added: “Anyone at the meeting would certainly have made the inference they were expecting it to go ahead.”

Mr Lofts added: “We had hoped there would be a frank and open discussion about the rights and wrongs of the proposal but it seems decisions have already been made.”

Mr McCord said he said the over spend would be cleared on the assumption that a developer would be appointed and that other measures would have to be take if they are not.

He added: “I welcome the support from the Lib Dems, they seem to wanting us to get on with it, I’ve always read they were opposed to Moat Lane. Now they are trying to dance on the head of a pin saying they agree with one thing but not another, but it is all part of the same scheme.”