Designer outlet ‘sorry’ for Black Friday chaos

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Bicester Village has said ‘sorry’ after the huge influx of customers on Black Friday caused chaos for motorists and residents.

The shopping outlet has been forced to review all of its traffic planning measures, after the frenzied sales led to damage in residential areas and heavy traffic around town.

Bicester Village issued a statement, which apologises ‘unreservedly’ to residents for the problems, and promises to implement a new Park and Ride system by 2015.

Shoppers reported long queues inside the outlet, where prices on designer clothing and goods were slashed by up to 50%.

One Twitter user sent us this picture of hundreds of people queuing outside the UGG store for discounts on sheepskin boots.

A spokesman for Bicester Village said: “Despite customers being encouraged to come to the village after 5pm, many were very keen to arrive early, which led to severe congestion throughout the day.

“Bicester Village teams worked closely with the police and Highways Agency to handle exceptionally heavy traffic, and we are very grateful for their cooperation and support.

“Unfortunately many cars were parked in residential areas causing damage to landscaped areas. Bicester Village is implementing repairs to the damaged areas with immediate effect.

“As a result of this unforeseen national trading phenomenon, Bicester Village is now undertaking a thorough review of its traffic planning measures.

“Bicester Village wishes to apologise unreservedly for the inconvenience caused to residents and the local community, and is taking steps to learn from this experience.”

Black Friday began in America and usually takes place the day after Thanksgiving. Stores lure in thousands of customers with the promise of huge reductions on goods.

The phenomenon has only just reached these shores, and the chaotic scenes experienced by Bicester Village have been seen up and down the country.