Disappointment over decision that ‘broke promise’

MCBH calvert incinerator artist's impression.
MCBH calvert incinerator artist's impression.

DISTRICT councillor for Marsh Gibbon Jackie Phipps said committee members ‘should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves’, over their decision to approve the incinerator planning application.

She said: “When Martin Tett came to Calvert Green to listen to residents’ concerns about building the incinerator, he promised that no construction or other traffic in connection with the incinerator would go through Calvert down Brackley Lane.

“On Friday the planning committee broke Mr Tett’s promise by allowing construction traffic to go down Brackley Lane during Phase 1 of the construction.

“This is disgraceful. Members of the committee should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.”

District councillor for Winslow Llew Monger said: “I’m very disappointed that the committee split along party lines and I thought the meeting was very poorly handled.

“The senior planning officer seemed to be influencing the chairman’s conducting of the meeting.”

County councillor for Grendon Underwood John Cartwright said: “As a local member I’m disappointed at the outcome, although some of the conditions that were talked about will improve the situation.

“There’s a lot of disappointment that it’s been granted without really answering the argument that it’s not needed.”

Mayor of Buckingham Mike Smith said: “We are extremely disappointed and worried about any fallout from the flume. And that’s before you start to import rubbish from out of county.”

County councillor for Winslow David Rowlands said: “I don’t think we had any alternative.

“The cost of landfill is going up, it’s EU and central government policy.

“I won one battle about the access road and roundabout.

“But I wanted the Sunday and bank holiday deliveries cancelled and people didn’t support me on that.”