District council elections 2015: Case for the Conservatives

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Conservative party logo

The past five years has seen our grant from government cut by over 50%.

However, by remodelling our service provision and seeking new ways to generate income we’ve achieved savings of £11m and that’s enabled us to maintain our core services and keep council tax increases down to just 4% over that period.

Neil Blake

Neil Blake

We’ve retained weekly collections of household waste and increased our recycling rate from 18% to over 50%.

Not only is that good for the environment but it’s generated an important income stream.

We’ve made capital investments in The Vale.

Improvements to Aqua Vale in Aylesbury and the Swan Pool in Buckingham have brought about improved facilities and significantly reduced our running costs.

We’ve built a new Waitrose and Travelodge and are building a university facility in Aylesbury.

Apart from providing an income stream for the council they will also bring increased footfall to the town.

We’ve set aside £1.5m to provide superfast broadband in rural areas of The Vale.

This will enable more efficient home working and allow children to access the information they need for school projects.

We’ll build new homes so that the next generation can continue to live in the area in which they were brought up.

However, we will oppose inappropriate developments to protect our countryside and the amenities of residents.

We will seek unitary status to reduce costs of services and to provide a single point of contact for our residents.

We’ve vigorously opposed HS2.