District council elections 2015: Case for the Greens

Green Party logo
Green Party logo

In the May AVDC elections Aylesbury Vale Green Party (AVGP) will stand a record breaking 39 candidates in 25 wards, giving many people their first ever opportunity to vote Green.

AVGP membership tripled during the recent ‘Green Surge’.

Andrew Garniec

Andrew Garniec

People of various backgrounds are coming together because of the powerful message the Green Party is sending: whoever you are, wherever you are from, you are welcome in our 

We believe that free education, free healthcare, decent affordable housing and a living wage are keys to a strong economy that works for everyone.

We are the only anti-austerity party standing locally.

We want to see big businesses sharing their profits with the vulnerable, and the wealthy helping those who at the moment must rely on food banks.

We want to see realistic business rates that will protect our town centre from becoming a ghost town. We would like to see much better management of litter and the provision of good recreation facilities for everyone.

The Green Party believes that society works best at a local level and that if our food is grown and bought locally, and some of our energy is created and used locally everyone would have improved lifestyles.

Other parties repeat words like ‘ban’, ‘broken’, ‘fear’. We prefer ‘enable’, ‘united’ and ‘hope’.

We are bringing democracy back to where it belongs - in people’s hands.