District council elections 2015: Case for the Independent Group

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This graphic has been produced by this newspaper and is not an official logo

The District Council’s job is to provide local services, create an atmosphere in which the local economy will thrive and to manage planning and development so that Aylesbury Vale remains ‘ A Great Place to Live.’

These roles have little to do with the scrum of general election oriented politics.

Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper

The District Council needs committed Independent councillors who can speak their minds and make decisions for the benefit of all the Vale’s residents, not be told what to do or how to vote in council debates by a political party.

Over the past four years, it is the Independent group members of AVDC who have spearheaded the debate over local authority reorganisation in Bucks. Rationalising our councils to a single tier Unitary structure will save millions of pounds every year and help preserve and enhance local services.

Until recently the ruling political parties have strongly resisted change.

Finally, the weight of public and business opinion has forced them to accept that serious investigations must now begin. The new council’s Independent group will lead this important initiative.

Aylesbury Vale is in danger of being overrun by opportunistic housing developments.

This is largely a result of the current Conservative administration’s local plan being thrown out by a government inspector.

The replacement plan is still two years away, leaving developers a gap in which to run riot.

The Independent group will prioritise early completion of the new local plan to stop further unplanned development.