District council elections 2015: Case for UKIP

UKIP logo
UKIP logo

A UKIP Council will:

FREEZE COUNCIL TAX for four years paid for from the £35,000,000 New Homes Bonus. We believe it’s your money, not ours.

Phil Yerby

Phil Yerby

FORM ‘ONE COUNCIL’, a unitary authority, instead of having two councils “tripping over each other”. This will be more accountable to you and save £millions.

INCREASE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT from the current paltry low level of c.£300,000 to over £1,000,000 allowing us to compete with other towns, promote local business and attract more.

SCRAP SHORT TERM CAR PARKING CHARGES providing a boost for our town centres and local economy. Paid for by reducing theatre subsidies.

Continue to OPPOSE HS2 at both National & Local Level - still the only party to do this.

DELIVER THE LOCAL PLAN that is infrastructure led. The Conservatives have failed twice and this is causing havoc in the local planning system and to many of our communities.

SET UP A £2 MILLION FUND to allow residents to fight opportunistic developments before the plan gets in. We will be on your side and not allow developers to win because they have more money! This will be paid for from the existing £24 million reserves.

As you can see all the above has been fully costed.It can be done when you put people first.

Our Councilors aren’t “whipped”. We believe that leads to better decision making.

May 7 represents a real opportunity for change in Aylesbury Vale.

Together we can make it better for all.