District tops the county table on teen terminations

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WHILE south Northants has one of the lowest conception rates for under 18s in the county two out three young pregnancies end in a termination.

New Government figures have shown there were 1,567 pregnancies in girls aged under 18 years in the county between 2007 and 2009.

They figures also show differences in conception and termination rates between the different towns within Northants and while 30 per cent of under 18 pregnancies in Corby were terminated, two-thirds were terminated in the south of the county.

Moya McVicar, of the LINks health watchdog, said the figures for south Northants were surprising.

She added: “They are surprising especially as south Northamptonshire is held up as the wealthiest and healthiest place to live in the county.

“And yet there are teenagers who may be living different styles of life there. The figures for Northampton and Corby may be because it is easier to get housing for single parents than it is in the south of the county.”

The Northampton area experienced a third of all under-18 conceptions recorded while overall for the county, almost half ended in a termination.

And while Corby had the highest conception rate of 53 per 1,000, south Northants had the lowest with 17 per 1,000 conceptions.

A spokesman for NHS Northamptonshire said: “The rates of under-18 conceptions varies within the county. Interestingly, a third of all under 18 conceptions were seen in the Northampton district.

“Corby and Northampton have the highest conception rates of all the districts in the county and pleasingly, compared to previous results in 2005-07, reductions in conception rates have been seen in these areas.

“Further variation is seen in the percentage of under 18 conceptions leading to a termination throughout Northants.

“These results show in Corby, a third of all conceptions lead to a termination whereas in South Northants this rises to over two thirds. The overall percentage of under 18s termination in Northants lies at 46 per cent.”