Do not wriggle out of Buckingham survey

jpco-22-6-11- worm charming at st peters church
jpco-22-6-11- worm charming at st peters church

Buckingham people are being asked to pull on their wellies and get muddy in the name of nature.

Earthworms are the stars of a UK survey geared towards keeping our gardens happy.

The Save Our Soil survey by the Open Air Laboratories (OPAL) is an attempt to find out more about England’s soil and earthworms.

Buckingham residents have the chance to help complete the big picture by going out into their gardens and identifying the worms they find.

OPAL spokesman Nicola Manomaiudom said: “The survey has been running for two years now and we have nearly 4,000 results overall, but we have received hardly anything from the Buckingham area.

“We really want to get a snapshot of what the soil is like, while at the same time getting young people outdoors and excited about nature.”

Chris Day from Buckingham Garden Centre wholeheartedly supports the project, and encourages others to do the same.

Mr Day said: “Earthworms are the barometer of our soil’s health, and in an agricultural area like ours, we should take notice of them. The worms are especially handy for us, as they help aerate our dense clay soil.”

The free survey pack, which is designed for the whole family to enjoy, can be requested from, complete with guidelines on how to identify the worms.