Dog owner warned after lurcher bites builder’s ankle

Court report.
Court report.

A lurcher called Willow who bit a builder on the ankle three days before Christmas will be destroyed if its owner fails to keep it under control in future.

Willow’s owner Claire Faulkner, 61, of Church Walk, Winslow pleaded guilty to having an out of control dog.

Aylesbury Magistrates Court heard how on December 22 last year, a builder who was hired by Faulkner arrived to drop off his bill for work done.

He entered the garden and knocked on the door speaking to Faulkner who said that she was still arranging the payment.

But when he turned to leave, Willow bit him on the ankle, leaving a wound which needed a tetanus injection and treatment by a doctor.

A barrister acting on behalf of care worker Faulker, said: “The builder came to the property uninvited, saw that the gates were open and decided to knock on the front door.

“He could have posted his bill in the letterbox, but he came to the front door and spoke with the defendant.”

She added: “I think it is of note that he didn’t make this complaint until some time after the event, he didn’t particularly think that the dog was of real danger to anyone.”

Faulkner was ordered to pay £380 in fines and costs, which will be paid via monthly instalments of £20.

She must also take 11-year-old Willow to dog training classes, and keep her on a lead in public places, otherwise the dog will be put to sleep.