Don’t be a numpty! Prepare for emergency evacuations

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Families have been encouraged to pack essential items into a bag in case they need to evacuate their homes at short notice.

Northants County Council’s Emergency Planning team wants people to fill an ‘emergency grab bag’ with toiletries, medication, spare batteries and a torch.

The message is being issued as part of a campaign called Don’t Be A Numpty which offers advice on staying safe in a range of situations from flooding to heatwaves.

Other essential items recommended by the council include identity and insurance documents, a first aid kit, items for pets, special items for babies, family photos and a USB memory stick with a back-up of your computer.

André González de Savage, cabinet member for strategic infrastructure, economic growth and public protection, said: “We all hope we will never find ourselves in a situation where we have to evacuate our home.

“But if the worst happens, it’s important to be prepared.

“There are basic essentials we would all need, such as a torch, spare batteries, prescription medication and a phone charger, but many people forget about those harder to replace items like important documents and family photos.

“Having to evacuate your home is an incredibly stressful situation and you’re unlikely to be thinking clearly at such a time, so it’s worth preparing an ‘emergency grab bag’, or at least a checklist, in advance to save you time in an emergency.”

A special Numpties video explaining the importance of preparing an ‘emergency grab bag’ and the items that should be included can be viewed here.