Don’t fall foul of new dog controls

Buckingham Rugby Club
Buckingham Rugby Club

Dog walkers will have to keep their pets on a lead on Maids Moreton’s green spaces, when a new dog control order comes into effect in April.

Maids Moreton Parish Council has obtained the dog control order following an ongoing problem with dog fouling.

Dog owners have a legal duty to clean up every time their dog messes in a public place.

But chairman of Maids Moreton Parish Council, Ian Smith, said: “We’re just disgusted at the way some owners let their dogs foul and don’t clean up after them. This is an ongoing problem. Notices are put up and ignored and in the end you just have to stop it.”

Under the control order, an £80 fixed penalty notice can be issued to anyone who fails to clear up after their dog.

The order will apply to all Maids Moreton’s green spaces, including Maids Moreton Playing Fields, Buckingham Rugby Club playing fields, St Edmund’s Church graveyard and the allotment gardens.

Honorary life member of Buckingham Rugby Club, Anthony Smith, said he regularly comes across piles of dog mess when tidying up on the pitches after the weekends.

He recently found two piles right outside the clubhouse.

And on another occasion somebody had hung a bag of dog mess on the gate, within 20 yards of a dog bin.

Mr Smith said: “I couldn’t believe it. Dogs shouldn’t be anywhere near the club house, not even on an lead. It’s all private property. The only place people should take their dogs is across the public footpath at the top – and then they should be on a lead.”