Don’t go to the hospital if you have a cold - NHS warning

PEOPLE in the Advertiser and Review region are being advised to take care of themselves instead of going to accident and emergency departments when they have cold and flu symptoms.

NHS Northamptonshire says with the current wintry weather, NHS services are already under extreme pressure, but this is being made worse by people not choosing the right service for their symptoms.

Reports from across the county say that people with cold and flu symptoms are turning up at accident and emergency departments, contacting the out of hours service and going to their GP when cold and flu symptoms are usually best treated by self-care, and a visit to the pharmacist for advice on which medicines to take.

By turning up to A&E with minor ailments, people could spread their viruses to hospital staff and other vulnerable patients. This is also the case for people who are experiencing diarrhoea and vomiting. Check NHS websites, as well as surgeries and pharmacies, for details of opening times in the Christmas and New Year period.