Drama explores the battle of class and sex

"Miss Julie"
"Miss Julie"

A 24 hour day and an all night party provide the back drop for a story where two people meet as they attempt travel in opposite directions on the social ladder.

Set in Sweden on mid-summer’s eve 1888, August Strindberg’s Miss Julie is a period drama about the eponymous heroine who decides to ‘party with the servants ‘during the Scandinavian country’s biggest national celebration.

After success with a spring tour The UK Touring Theatre company will bring their unique production to Stowe School on Monday, September 30.

Felicity Rhys, actor, artistic director and producersaid the production had been crafted by the actors and directorial staff from and faithful translation of the original text.

She said: “We’ve tried to make it as dynamic as possible , but I think it’s a lot closer to the original text than other productions have been, and we’ve put lines back in others have left out.”

During the party Miss Julie becomes embroiled with her father’s valet Jean, and although engaged to Kristen the cook, he sees his chance to climb the social ladder.

Mrs Rhys added: “It’s a powerful, gripping piece about the battle between the classes, the battle between the sexes,and how people deal with not being happy with the class they are in. Its a classic drama, ideal for the Downton Abbey fans, with a bit of humour and tragedy as well.”

Tickets cost £12 or £10 from Stowe School on 01280 818012.