Drop in drink-drive arrests over Christmas

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The number of people arrested for drink-driving over Christmas was 21 per cent lower than in 2013.

Figures released by Northants Police show 85 people were arrested for drink-driving in the county compared to 108 for the festive period the previous year.

Officers tested 2,217 people at the side of the road while running awareness campaign Everyone Hates Drink-Drivers on social media.

Sergeant Tony Hopkins, who led the operation, said: “The vast majority of people we stopped had not had any alcohol before they got into their car, which is the only way to make sure you will not be caught drinking and driving.

“We’re determined to reduce cases of drink-driving in Northamptonshire, so I’m pleased to see the number of people we caught over the festive period is lower than last year. That suggests our message is getting across to drivers.

“For those who continue to ignore the message and get behind the wheel after having a drink, the New Year will bring some unpleasant news for them with the prospect of court appearances or large fines hanging over their heads.”

The number of arrests was monitored between December 1 2014 and January 5 2015.

Anyone with information about people who drink and drive can contact the Drivewatch hotline on 0800 174615.