‘Drunken teens jump on cars’ after house party got out of hand


Police officers are investigating claims of criminal damage in Quainton after they were called to reports of teenagers jumping on cars.

The Waddesdon neighbourhood team are investigating the claims after worried Quainton residents called to say ‘drunken youths’ were jumping on vehicles.

Tweets from the Aylesbury Vale TVP account on Twitter read: “The Waddesdon Team are investigating criminal damage and disorder after a party of teenagers got out of hand in Quainton last Thursday night.

“It was reported by several concerned residents that youths were drunk and jumping on vehicles. This behaviour will not be tolerated.

“The window of a police vehicle was also smashed.

“We are making enquiries to identify offenders.

“If you saw anything please call 101.”

The Thames Valley Police neighbourhood team were in the area on Friday to reassure local residents and make further enquiries.