EDITOR’S COLUMN: The political gloves are off

Group editor Roger Hawes
Group editor Roger Hawes

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Yesterday (Tuesday) the gloves came off in the inevitable fight over who will run public services (and how) for Aylesbury Vale in the future.
And in an incredible ‘coincidence’ (apparently it was) each of our expensive taxpayer-funded councils decided to hold press conferences within hours of each other. 
First out of the corner was Bucks County Council leader Martin Tett with his morning declaration of forging a unique tri-county alliance with the leaders of Bucks, Northants and Oxfordshire County Councils, signing a partnership to unlock extra cash and improve transport links. 
A formidable move designed to save taxpayers money and reap rewards for the county as a whole – oh, yes and grab headlines.
However, the first strike was soon history as Aylesbury Vale District leader Neil Blake jumped into the ring to announce his council’s ambitions to go it alone as a unitary authority for the Vale and hold a public referendum on the proposal early next year.
A knockout blow? I don’t think so but it has left the county set upstaged and on the ropes fuming they were not consulted on the very public announcement . See page 3.
Tett v Blake. Let the political boxing match commence.