Editor’s Comment: I need your help to sort out grot spots

Roger Hawes
Roger Hawes

As is par for the course at this time of the year as nature gets into full swing there are the inevitable complaints about the lack of grass cutting going on (see front page).

And as a Vale tax payer and resident myself, I think it is right to complain if you feel you are being short-changed on a service you are paying for.

We all know that for whatever reason if the grass cutting along our byways and highways gets behind the area can look a little dishevelled and frankly pretty tatty. Most annoying is believing your grass is not being cut to save money, but I suppose in defence of our county council, it too has had to face up to the realities of the seven year credit crunch.

But the one thing that really makes me cross is a failure by the authorities to deal with flytipping and litter louts in our towns and villages.

Add that eyesore to the hundreds of potholes on the roads across the Vale and what you get is an overall poor image of our communities which often work very hard to keep up 

The Advertiser has regularly run stories where locals have stepped in to clean up offending grot spots.

So as from this week I invite the readers of the Advertiser to join me in trying to clean up our towns and villages.

Interested? Then this is what I need you to do.

If you see a grot spot whilst out and about tell me about it and if you can send me a 
picture, even better.

The paper will then try and find out who is responsible for the mess and challenge them to tidy it up and when necessary name and shame, or applaud them for doing so.

Where it involves a council of course the process should be simple but in my experience there are sometimes pieces of no man’s land where the lines of responsibility can become muddled. Our sister paper the Bucks Herald ran this campaign last year and it was heralded a big success with scores of people coming forward to expose the blight on our streets.

I hope you too will helps us identify the grot spots so we can make the area we live in just that little more pleasant. Contact me by email now and tell me about your grot spot at. I look forward to hearing from you.