Education Eye: Last minute tips for your child’s 11-plus exam

Letters have criticised the 11-plus
Letters have criticised the 11-plus
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For year 6 classes of 2014, that long anticipated day has arrived.

September 11 sees children across Bucks sit the 11+ transfer tests.

Parents county-wide have their hearts in their mouths in nervous trepidation of the result.

Here are a few last-minute tips.

> Avoid discussing fears over the result within your child’s earshot. This will raise the pressure they feel and lead to raised stress levels around the test. Your child should know that the test is a gauge of their knowledge and capability right now and use of the word fail should be banned.

> The most important thing is that your child goes into the test feeling positive, motivated and relaxed.

> Having worked through copious practice questions in the months leading up to today now is the time to stop the preparation and trust that their natural aptitude, supported by the exam skills and techniques you have been working on, will shine through.

> Boost their confidence through encouragement and praise.

> A relaxing evening followed by a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast on the day of the test will help them perform at their best.

> Last-minute cramming into the night will not allow their brain to switch off and they will probably have an unsettled night, meaning they will be less fresh for the test day.

> Reassure your child that whatever the result, you will be very proud of their effort and resulting achievement.

> Plan a treat or buy a small gift to celebrate their efforts over the past few months of preparation and the test being over. Whether you also plan a treat for results day is up to you, but now is your chance to just reward their effort, whatever the future outcome.