Education Eye: New computer science subject will provide code to unlock earning potential

Catherine Stoker
Catherine Stoker

Gone are the days when IT lessons simply involved learning Microsoft, Word, Excel and Power Point.

Children are surrounded by technology across the whole curriculum from such a young age. So much so, that these skills are almost learned by osmosis with little need to appear on a syllabus.

The technology, gaming, music, retail and manufacturing industries need schools to address the education and development of a talent pool with the right key skills to supplement a projected shortfall in the future.

In a move to recognise this, Computer Science becomes part of the curriculum from this September involving pupils in learning to programme computers through code. Instead of teaching children to use software, the new syllabus will teach them to write it.

Knowledge of computer coding is something that can be started at a young age.

Synonymous with learning another language like French or Spanish, not everyone will take to programming with such a passion that they wish to learn more than the basics.

However, understanding how coding works, alongside an ability to use critical, logical and analytical thinking to solve a problem, will also be of great benefit in the wider job market.

An ability to write website code, use databases for analysis or understanding how apps work, will surely enhance the employability of everyone.

Those with entrepreneurial ambitions to set up their own business will need to use these skills daily.

At some exciting point in the future, they have potential to lead to the development of the next big idea, resulting in global recognition and financial success.

With potential to take the subject further through university study, it’s hard to believe that any graduate in Computer Science or the extensive range of related subjects will ever be unemployed.

Perhaps encouraging your youngster to take an interest in this area now, may be a smart move towards achieving aspirations for securing a good job and hence financial independence in future.