Education Eye: Ten reasons for considering boarding schools

Catherine Stoker
Catherine Stoker

Quite a number of parents have recently asked me :Why choose boarding?

Often I find that Dad is keen, but Mum says ‘over my dead body.’

It seems a widely misunderstood concept which parents either love or hate.

Those of a negative opinion have usually arrived at this conclusion due to out-of-date opinions formed through personal experience or hearing ancient horror stories from family or other parents.

Here are a few points which parents have found helpful in asking themselves why boarding might be worth considering, when they might previously have dismissed it.

No. 1 Watch confidence grow through time doing sport, music, drama, art instead of commuting.

No. 2 Leave work-week nagging of your soon to be hormonal teenager to the professionals.

No. 3 Expand school choice options, especially where siblings have different needs, without moving house.

No. 4 Develop independence, an ability to think for themselves, coupled with a lasting network of useful contacts for the future.

No. 5 Retire the parent taxi service for after school activities or play dates. It’s all there in situ!

No. 6 Solve childcare challenges in busy professional families, especially if both parents work.

No. 7 A source of stability and pastoral support whilst there may be difficult relationship issues between parents at home.

No. 8 Access to the best British education, even when work commitments require travel overseas or a fixed-contract move abroad.

No. 9 Accelerated achievement through having 5 to 7 extended days a week with access to the library, art room, specialist help with homework and a huge breadth of other facilities and resources.

No. 10 Gain cultural understanding and tolerance of others, to facilitate future success in a global career world.