Open day delves into world of the Masters

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THE department of economics and international studies have launched three new Masters programmes, all connected to diplomacy.

Two, which start this month, combine modules in diplomacy with modules drawn from our successful MAs in global affairs and security and intelligence.

In January, we will be offering what promises to be the most comprehensive full MA in diplomacy in Britain. Each module examines some key aspect of diplomacy from both academic and practitioner perspectives. The degree, which has already attracted considerable interest from several embassies in London, aims to give students the fullest possible academic knowledge of diplomacy and also to prepare students for a range of careers where such knowledge will no doubt prove invaluable.

The department is holding an open day on Wednesday, October 12, from 1.30pm until 4.15pm in the Anthony de Rothschild Building, on the Hunter Street part of the campus.

There is ample parking in the visitors’ car park on Hunter Street.

1.30pm - arrival and registration;

2pm - presentations from Professor Alistair Alcock, Mike McCrostie, economics and international studies, degree programme chairman, Professor David Armstrong, professor of global politics and Juliet Nwagbaraocha, a current MA student;

2.45pm - tour of Hunter Street campus;

3.15pm - tea, with the opportunity to meet staff and students;

4.15pm - staff graduate seminar (all welcome). American Debt, Bill Beach, director of the Centre for Data Analysis, Heritage Foundation, Washington DC. For more information, contact or register on-line at