Playing is for fun and to learn in special project

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A PROJECT designed to encourage children to learn through play has been a success at a Winslow nursery.

TreeHouse Pre-school has launched its Play to Learn library which allows its children to borrow one of 30 bags containing a book, a toy and a play-based game or activity, based on a different theme.

Education consultant, Kirstine Beeley, said the project was designed to make parents aware of the importance of learning through play.

She said: “We found in Winslow, particularly, we were struggling because parents were expecting their children to have formalised education far too quickly. We want to put across the message that children can learn through play.”

She added the scheme had been successful so far with plans to create a further 30 bags.

“We are hoping to roll it out so more parents can access the library,” Mrs Beeley added.

The idea came out of the Every Child a Talker programme, a national project to develop the language of children from birth to four years of age.